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New Installations, Upgrading Existing Fixtures or Repairs; We Do it All

Custom Stairs & Railings; Stained to Match

A custom railing and staircase are often the focal point of a home. When done properly and elegantly they add value and increase equity. There are many different options to suit your budget; sanding and re-staining, recapping and re-using existing railing parts where possible, or a complete overhaul to modernize your old, yellowed staircase. I am happy to make suggestions and provide various options to suit your budget.

Hardwood, Laminate, Click-Vinyl and Engineered Flooring

Hardwood Flooring is classic and timeless, and with today's advanced flooring technology, engineered and laminate floors can prove to be just as beautiful. They come in an array of colours, materials and textures and can be adapted to suit any environment. Vinyl flooring is a great option for areas prone to water damage as they are water-proof and make a stunning, low-maintenance addition to any home.

Custom Staining

Staining is as important as the installation process. Whether it's a hand railing, staircase, individual tread fix, or refinished floor, you want to be sure that your stain matches your decor or existing flooring. We are careful to ensure a seamless match. We work with a top quality stain and urethane so that your finish won't degrade over time and you have floors and stairs that look brilliant for years to come.

Sanding & Refinishing

There are many reasons to consider sanding and refinishing your existing floor. Pets, children, moving, wear and tear, can all cause your floor to degrade over time. With a sand and refinish your hardwood flooring can look brand new again, or you can change the stain to match, update or modernize your existing flooring. Refinishing is a less expensive, more environmentally friendly option.

Flooring Fixes & Repairs

As a floor settles it can really show up all those little flaws. Was the floor levelled properly? is the humidity off? Do you have buckles, sags, or squeaking? Water damage? All of these issues can be repaired. Jeremy is exceptional at floor repairs and is used by many companies as the go-to service repair technician. If you want it done once and done right, call us for a free quote.

Pre-Fab Install

A prefabricated staircase is custom-built to suit your home. Different species of wood can be requested and accommodated. It is built off-site and replaces your existing set. A pre-fabricated staircase is a good option for an old, worn, broken or noisy staircase. We install and stain with a custom railing of your choice.

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