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Excellence and Professionalism

Having worked in the industry for close to 25 years, our experience and expertise are unparalleled. As an Owner, I am meticulous in every detail and work very hard to ensure customer satisfaction. I take pride in my work and my company, I thrive knowing that my work consistently exceeds expectations. In an unregulated industry it can be hard to know who to work with. I come fully insured and provide warranties on all my work.

Personalized Approach

Working directly with the client means that we oversee the entire job. From quote to invoice and everything in between, you only work with myself and my lovely wife, Maria. This saves you money by cutting out the overhead, middle man, and countless mark-ups. It also means that what we decide for your project will be executed by me. No random contractors in your home and no misunderstandings.

Values and Integrity

When you love what you do, not only are you happy but so are the people you work with. Jeremy and I  hold ourselves to a high moral standard, both in our work and personal lives. We ensure that our work is done in the timeline requested and to the complete satisfaction of the client. Jeremy is easy to work with and often referred. We both look forward to working with you.

You Can reach Us Monday - Friday 8am-7pm

  Expect to hear back from us within the hour during business hours

(P) 705-828-3720 · 647-643-3206 (E)

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