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The Dupont Standard

Welcome to The Dupont Standard! We are a husband and wife team. When we created The Dupont Standard we had a clear vision; Quality Craftsmanship, Efficient Management & Value Added Service. In an industry filled with transient workers and fly by night contractors, there is a growing need for people you can trust, to provide the services you need, in the timeline you need it. Jeremy is known in the industry for his meticulous workmanship. As a sub-contractor he has an excellent reputation with the Big Names in Flooring, but by working with us directly you save the overhead and mark-ups that come with the name brands, without compromising on the product -and that's what we're all about. We run an efficient 2-person team that keeps our business; happy, stress-free and consistently recommended & referred by you, our valued clients. 

You Can reach Us Monday - Friday 8am-7pm

  Expect to hear back from us within the hour during business hours

(P) 705-828-3720 · 647-643-3206 (E)

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